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A leading European logistics service center and distribution platform dedicated to coffee, selected the B2Bgrid platform to automate external warehouse & logistics processes with its main retail customers. The B2Bgrid platform, what else!


The 3th of july, the B2Bgrid Advisory Board will meet again. The B2Bgrid Advisory Board consists of customers & domain experts and provides insights and direction, helping to shape our business. Board members participate on a voluntary basis. Focus areas include general market and industry B2B Integration trends, product/service enhancement & recommendations, and roadmap design for the B2Bgrid platform.


A worldwide supplier of salt, needed to find a way to manage its supply chain more efficiently. By using the B2Bgrid platform, they are now able to receive and integrate orders electronically from major retail customers, process them quickly and send delivery notes and invoices in an efficient and timely manner. The B2Bgrid platform is helping them to become a Digital Business that remains agile in relation to its principal retail customers, able to operate a customer-facing supply chain with a continuous flow of sales, shipment and payment information.


A leading specialty heating distribution company, selected the B2Bgrid platform to automate the integration and exchange of documents using EDI and the Internet. By selecting the B2Bgrid platform, they have now one solution, enabling the organisation to reach customers and suppliers worldwide.


Several suppliers in the DIY area enhance their operations and streamline their supply chain. By using the B2Bgrid platform they were able to lower transaction costs, speed communications and increase the number of electronic trading partners.


B2Bgrid will sponsor the GS1 Belux Forum 2013 event on 12/03/2013 in Brussels. The event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the EAN barcode and present challenges and visions for retail distributors & suppliers.


A worldwide supplier of gift boxes is using the B2Bgrid platform as a versatile B2B Exchange & Integration system that includes a smooth, fast online data search-and-retrieval process, and industry-leading visibility and alerting capabilities, for their retail customers.


B2Bgrid is present at the Odette Conference, the meeting place for Automotive Supply Chain professionals in Berlin (Germany).


Bestfood - a leading distribution & warehouse delivery supplier of more then 13.000 food & non-food products - eases its external supply chain & warehouse operations by using the B2Bgrid platform for one of its main customers.


During an info session on 7 november 2012, GS1 Belux and Fevia will promote B2B Integration between suppliers and retail hubs using EDI – B2Bgrid will be present to offer its services to the suppliers.


A production company and supplier in juices, ciders, softdrinks, beers, wines and distilled products - partners with B2Bgrid in order to support their B2B Integration rollout with European retail customers.


An international specialised distribution leader, migrates to the B2Bgrid platform to lower its B2B Integration costs, to create supply chain visibility and to aim for 100 % external business process integration with its pharma customers.


A leading retail group migrates to the B2Bgrid platform together with hundreds of its suppliers and logistic partners.


In Belgium, the council of ministers approved electronic invoicing giving them the same legal value as their paper counterparts. The European Commission wants electronic invoicing to be the standard method of invoicing by 2020 in Europe.


B2Bgrid is present at the 5th Annual Invoicing Event (Factuurcongres) in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).


Major release of GS1 XML approved and ratified by GS1. B2Bgrid will support GS1 XML 3.0 that offers over 25 business message standards supporting the major supply chain processes.


B2Bgrid sponsors the GS1 Belux annual event. This years theme is “Everybody wins with good data!”.